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401K and IRA

You asked why I don't like to invest money into 401K and IRA funds. Well, I do. The problem with a 401K is in the government management and oversight. The small business I own is designed for heavy weight at the top of the salary scale as it's a Subchapter S corporation. That means all of the profit passes through to the principal shareholder at the end of the fiscal year. That pushes my income to very high levels sometimes, much higher than the employees. As a result, the audit on the 401K causes a reimbursement of funds to make it "fair."

Every year I get a fat check back out of the 401K that I don't want. So what' the point of investing money into a retirement fund that refuses to grow past an arbitrary limit. it's a waste for me and so I don't put excess money into it.

The IRA is another fun vehicle. There are limits on how much you can put into that type of fund. Then you have to hope that it grows. I have a Legg-Mason IRA and for about 5 years i…

Robot Me

Some time ago, feels like years, my cousin's daughter proclaimed that she wanted to be a robot. She was 6 at the time, I think. Samurai Lucy probably knows the exact date of this conversation I had with my cousin, as it was on facebook.

I told my cousin that her daughter was the greatest robot ever built. Indeed we are. Our soft bodies are cushions for the hard endoskeleton that keeps our body able to be rigid. We have control circuitry distributed throughout our bodies with a central computer. That central computer is controlled by an expert system that knows how to integrate signals and train several connected neural networks.

We are the greatest robot ever built because we are self-locomotive. We create our own energy, don't need to get an external battery to replace old ones. Our computer is capable of work using single electrons and their quantum spin. Our ligature learns how to adapt to its environment, like those incredible Boston Dynamics [1] robots.

We are the greates…