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The Hack on HACK

Pull up Bing ( and search on "Hack Fund." There you will see the PureFunds ISE Cyber Security ETF [2]. This is an exchange traded fund [1], meaning that a constellation of computers is constantly monitoring this fund's price and making long and short positions to take micro profits all through the trading day. The fund is made up of security technology companies who are directly involved in the infosec world. You will have to become an investor in the fund to get the full prospectus of the funds that are being traded. On the PureFunds web site [2] you can see the top 10 holdings in the fund, such as IL, SAIC, PFPT, FTNT, SPLK. Wait, Splunk? Indeed, the log file analysis company, Splunk, Inc. [3], is part of the HACK fund. That's an interesting addition to the fund. This post is not about the analysis of the holdings, but rather a warning about the fund. Recently Kaspersky Labs claimed to have been hacked by external "nation state" hackers [4]