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Zune Exonerated

I have recovered my love for All Things Zune. Turns out that many Zune users out there try to use the front-side USB ports on their computers only to be met with constant halts and failed synchronization attempts. I experienced the same.

On, I came across a post about someone who used the back-side USB ports to synch their zune, so I tried it. Sure enough, every song from my library ported quickly to my zune. Not a hiccup, nothing. Before, it would do about 20 songs and then die.

You might think this is a Zune Marketplace software problem, but it's not. This type of error is a buggy driver. It's likely that the USB driver I use has a NPE buried in it that causes the USB header to fault. Crappy hardware makes the world a terrible place, but the Zune definitely is not that.

I am finally Apple Free!

Zune Marketplace Sucks

I like my Zune. The physical device is a great little media player. The one thing wrong with it is the software wrapped around it.

The Zune marketplace is the only control system for the Zune. If you want to put music on it, you have to use the Zune Marketplace software.

Today, I tried to burn some music and push it to my Zune. I only burn from CD and never buy anything online. Apparently this is not the usecase of the Zune demographic. After I burned my WMA files, I clicked on the "Sync" button in Zune Marketplace. What I got after that was a bucket of frustration. Apparently the software could not put the new music on the Zune, for whatever reason - don't know. All that I ever got was a generic "An error occured while synching ..."

So I decided to remove the old software and re-install. I downloaded the Zune software from and proceeded to uninstall the old Zune Marketplace. After rebooting my computer, I installed the supposed "updated" Zu…