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Full Disclosure

I am sure that I share a common sentiment with my fellow Americans with regard to our Presidential Office. When we elect a new president, we get with it a handfull of appointments to the cabinet that are critical to the functioning of the government. Yet, when we do elect an official to become President, we do so without knowing who it is they are going to appoint to the cabinet.

For instance, there is the Secretary of Defense. This person is pretty powerful in the world political theatre. The President relies upon the Secretary of Defense to decide if a military action is necessary and winnable during an international complaint. If the President appoints some cracked-pot war monger, then we are stuck with it. Americans have the right to know who will fill this position with a new President.

Then there is the Secretary of State. This person is like the head ambassador to all nations in the world as we know it. When this secretary makes a visit to a nation, they are treated as if the Pre…