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Typical Fall From Grace

I have had an Apple device in my life since 1990. My first Apple computer was a Mac SE which was my second computer, the first being a Commodore 64. The Mac SE was a beautiful design, smoother, encephalon like form that was entirely contained. It was the second generation of Apple's unified hardware design, something copied only in the mid 2000's by Hewlett Packard. When Steve Jobs left Apple in the 90s we saw a diversion in Apple's aesthetic designs. They moved away from the unibody computer and moved forward with the pizza box architecture that plagued the IBM PC/x86 world. They still had the characteristic platinum coloring of their units, but now you had a bunch of boxes that ran Apple software. It all stopped looking like Apple.

Jobs continued with his own aesthetic designs at NeXT, but that did not go well. While he tried to realize the greater encephalon design (that's a computer that looks like a head, by the way), the software didn't have the stability t…

Banking RICO

Every person who is a customer of private banking agrees that banks are corrupt entities. We all say that because they charge senseless fees and spill out busy talk that nobody understands except used car salesmen. Yet, has anyone ever tried to quantify a case of RICO [1] against a bank, or the banking industry at large? We are going through a refinance transaction on our house. There are two mortgages to refinance. The first is the larger of the instruments and is the target of our refinance transaction. The second is serviced by another bank and is much smaller than the first. The second is termed the "subordinate" loan [2]. After approval of the new loan we were informed that there is a fee that must be paid to the subordinate loan servicing bank for the bank to review the terms of the refinancing agreement. In this case, the fee we must pay is $250 [3]. I complained to the "mortgage consultant" that is refinancing our loan and he conveyed his equal disdain fo…