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More Climate Misconceptions

I was reading the New Scientist today and found an article about the Global Warming/Climate Change debate that is raging today.

Page 2 of this article (Deniergate: Turning the tables on climate sceptics) makes a statement that is, well, sophomoric:

"The UK Met Office this week published data showing that the first decade of the 2000s has been the warmest on record."

A very long time ago, this planet was covered in ice and snow. Slowly, this global "ice age" receded and has gradually given rise to the modern world of today (2009). Yet, there are still large ice sheets on the planet (the Arctic and Antarctic Poles) that are continuing to melt.

For these large sheets of ice to melt, the average atmospheric temperature of the planet must increase. Without that increase, we would still have more ice and snow, and likely no humans and fancy fast cars. Therefore, it goes without saying that the Plant's average temperature is increasing, and it HAS been increasing for a v…