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Clean Transportation Enlightenment

Today I was reading about power cosumption and CO2 emissions, and I ran across a blog entry from someone in Holland. Apparently he was going to travel to a consumer conference that was 100 kilometers away and had to decide if he should drive or take the train. His decision was to take the train because it was more environmentally friendly and economical than driving.

Like many people, I am skeptical of the argument that a train is more friendly than a car. Right? Cars have catalytic converters and all sorts of emission controls that reduce their output. There aren't any hefty catalytic converters on diesel locomotives.

So I decided to run some numbers and do a little research.


I assumed that the fella was taking a magnetic levitation train because that's what I'd like to do. Eventhough there isn't a maglev train in Holland that could have been used, I calculated it anyway.

According to Wikipedia, a maglev train consumes…