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My friends lament how I’ve turned coat against the Java establishment and joined the ranks of Microsoft.  For the past few years, I’ve enjoyed a model of efficiency that I hadn’t had since the early days of Java.  Back then code was king, and writing software quickly and smartly is what made Java such a hit.

When .NET was released, it was 1996 all over again for me.  I could write code quickly, and so I did. As a result, many products I did develop, and many of which were libraries that would be incorporated into future products.  Like many Java to .NET’ers, I didn’t really understand the implications of the Microsoft’s library versioning, so I did not establish a clear version protocol for my early work.

Yesterday, that lack of foresight was my undoing.  After 8 hours of fighting with ASP, I finally got my application to work.  This was all the result of a minor bug fix in a core library that is used ubiquitously. Additional products of mine that are incorporated into my client’s proje…