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Zeptolabs Spying on You?

I am a developer. Today, I hooked up the device log to my android tablet which has Cut The Rope on it (Zeptolabs). Surprised, I found a curious series of log entries:

01-14 20:54:17.833 D/GetJar SDK [com.zeptolab.ctr.paid](14868): [] : sendInstalledApps() -- FOUND_INSTALLED: com.djinnworks.StickmanBaseJumper.lite
01-14 20:54:17.833 D/GetJar SDK [com.zeptolab.ctr.paid](14868): [] : sendInstalledApps() -- FOUND_INSTALLED: com.duckduckmoosedesign.ibs
01-14 20:54:17.833 D/GetJar SDK [com.zeptolab.ctr.paid](14868): [] : sendInstalledApps() -- FOUND_INSTALLED: com.facebook.katana
01-14 20:54:17.833 D/GetJar SDK [com.zeptolab.ctr.paid](14868): [] : sendInstalledApps() -- FOUND_INSTALLED: com.fandango
Furthermore, it even sends application usage information:
01-14 20:54:17.833 D/GetJar SDK [com.zeptolab.ctr.paid](14868): CommManager: processesRequest() [thread:467] [request:1230252154] Sending POST data as part of the request [length: 5221]:
01-14 20:54:17.833 D/GetJar SDK [com.zeptolab.ctr.paid](14868): app_usage_data=%5B%7B%22usage_type%22%3A%22FOUND_INSTALLED%22%2C%22app_metadata%22%3A%5B%7B%22value%22%3A%224.4.54%22%2C%22key%22%3A%22android.package.ver

Apparently this game is enumerating all of the installed apps that I have on the tablet and is sending it to their server.

Here is where they upload the payload to their servers:

01-14 20:54:17.843 V/GetJar SDK [com.zeptolab.ctr.paid](14868): CommManager: processesRequest() [thread:467] [request:1230252154] ROUTE [ResolvedIP:  ProxyHost: null  TargetHoust:  Secured: true  Tunnelled: false]
01-14 20:54:17.843 D/GetJar SDK [com.zeptolab.ctr.paid](14868): The request properties for this request:
01-14 20:54:17.843 D/GetJar SDK [com.zeptolab.ctr.paid](14868):       Content-Language = 'en-US'
01-14 20:54:17.843 D/GetJar SDK [com.zeptolab.ctr.paid](14868):       Content-Type = 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
01-14 20:54:17.843 D/GetJar SDK [com.zeptolab.ctr.paid](14868):       User-Agent = 'GetJarSDK/20120921.02 com.zeptolab.ctr.paid/18 android/4.2.1 (google; nakasi; Nexus 7)'
01-14 20:54:17.843 D/GetJar SDK [com.zeptolab.ctr.paid](14868):       Authorization = 'client_app.token=&user.user_access_id=&app.capabilities=18&legacy.client_app.soft_id=75206&'
The IP address ( belongs to Getjar, inc., located at:
Getjar, Inc. 
Street 1510 Fashion Island Blvd, Suite 300
City San Mateo 
State/Province CA 
Postal Code 94404

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