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Formerly Known As ...

You know my name. I have a new name now. It's not as cool as Prince's new name, when he changed it. No, it's not cool. It's random:


I see you using this. I see where you call home too.

The splunk query for this was another fun exercise in 'rex':

"397970A0A6ACAF240351AC3AFB833ACB"| rex field=_raw ".tcp\s(?\d{0,3}\.\d{0,3}\.\d{0,3}\.\d{0,3})\s(?\d{0,3}\.\d{0,3}\.\d{0,3}\.\d{0,3})." Splunk is so much fun. I bought the next 1 Gig indexer add-on for my splunk. I see you pushing activity and driving my 1 gig threshold out of orbit.

Being able to aggregate logs across disparate sources is a huge advantage. I still have to figure out what to look for, but when I do, then I can quickly see trends.

I've blocked about 99% of advertising in my perimeter. Someone tried to send me some aweber links, which was funny. Those will never work. My family hates that I block advertising because they have to actively search on …

Talking To The Future

We are able to talk to our children, not as they are today, but tomorrow. Google, Microsoft, Alexa and Amazon, whatever search engine out there, the data of the web is being archived in permanence. In 30 years this blog will be searchable as an archive. My children will be able to read it and glimpse into their father's present, a time that is their present.

Today also marks the day that I realized how to do this. How to communicate "privately" with them. Just know that you will be able to communicate, one-way, with your kids by publishing messages to them in a blog. Just keep the blog active.

If you see wacky messages on this blog then you will see me communicating with the future. I know they are reading them.

Knock Knock

There was a girl, her name was Lucy. She was a samurai.

Although, my favorite Deep Purple is Hush: