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On OS/400 and IBM

For the past 12 months, I've had the liberty of working closely with IBM hardware and software. Specifically, I work on iOS, or once known as OS/400, or now as System i.

When you first purchase your System i machine, you are left with a sense of confusion and emptiness. There are no resources for you to leverage on the web, and the IBM information site (boulder) just gives you information from versions of System i that are not relevant to your project.

You may find some on-line resources and a wiki or two about setting up a System i machine. I found some too but left them aside early on as I found the people who maintain these resources are bitter and vengeful and often times prone to public humiliation and slander. Never in my long 25+ years of programming experience have I ever encountered a more beligerent and sophomoric group of people as are the System i administrators of the web.

Once you disable the QSECOFR account for the first time after typing in the wrong password 3 times,…