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Abortion, Inc.

I've been closely reading as many articles as possible on the subject of embryonic stem cell research and domestic policy. Thusfar, the research has proven to be quite astonishing. I've read about mice that have regrown nerve cells around broken spines and miraculously regained their ability to walk. I find this research through various mainstream media web sites, the daily business news, and reading Science magazine, published by the AAAS (

With all of the successful work with stem cells, why has the US government stymied further publicly funded research? Like many people, I found this apparent lack of vision to be frustrating. Why shouldn't the public be frustrated, with Christopher Reeves passing away, and countless young people resigned to paraplegia thanks to skiing or skating injuries. Who wouldn't want to see these people cured of their physical breaks?

There is some hope for embryonic stem cell research policy. France has lifted its emargo on using …